Panorama Cafe
Daily Soups & Specials

Tuesday August 16 – Sunday August 21

Soup and Specials available from 12-3 PM daily

~ All soups are VEGAN unless otherwise noted ~

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Our talented chefs prepare healthy, fresh nutritious soups and vegetarian main dishes every morning, from a wide range of culinary traditions. Many are vegan or gluten-free — and all are delicious!

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We are closed on Mondays


Soup:  Dal (Indian Lentil) (V, GF)
Daily Special:  Mixed Vegetable & Paneer Curry, with Coconut Rice (GF)


Soup:  Curried Zucchini (V, GF)
Daily Special:  Vegetarian Neat Loaf with Mashed Potatoes & Mushroom Gravy 


Soup:  Sweet Potato & Kale (V, GF)
Daily Special:  Souvlaki Fountainopolis (Veggie Lamb, Brown Rice, Greek Salad & Tzatziki Sauce) (VR)


Soup: Corn Chowder (V, GF)
Daily Special: Vegetarian Quiche Lorraine with Side Salad


Soup: Thai Vegetable (V, GF)
Daily Special:  Hungarian Goulash with Whole Wheat Pasta (V)


Soup: Cream of Mushroom  (V, GF)
Daily Special: German Potato Salad with Vegetarian Citrus Spare Ribs and Salad Greens (V, GF)

Soup served with roll and butter (vegan butter option by request)

Soup: $4.50 (small); $5.95 (large)
Soup and Salad: $10.25
Daily Special: $10.95

Soup and Specials available from 12-3 PM daily

V = Vegan, VR = Vegan upon Request, GF = Gluten-Free


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