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About Us

The Panorama of my Silence-Heart is a Vegetarian and Vegan Café and it is inspired by the philosophy of the spiritual teacher, composer and poet Sri Chinmoy, who lived in the Briarwood area from the late 1960s until his passing in 2007.

The cafe is owned and operated by meditation students of Sri Chinmoy. We aim to create a beautiful, peaceful atmosphere, where people can come and enjoy a coffee, read or study.

“Our philosophy is the acceptance of life for the transformation of life and also for the manifestation of God’s Light here on earth, at God’s choice Hour, in God’s own Way.”
Sri Chinmoy
January 3, 1998

The name ‘The Panorama of My Silence-Heart’ was suggested by Sri Chinmoy in August 2007 when the café was opened.

Guinness World Records

Ashrita Furman, holder of more Guinness Records than anyone on earth, has broken numerous Guinness World Records at Panorama Café. Records include:

  • The most Hula Hoop Revolutions in one Minute – 170 Revolutions
  • The most Jelly Eaten with Chopsticks in one minute – 455 grams