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The Music of the Beyond – Part 1, Ludwig van Beethoven

Ludwig van Beethoven

Ludwig Van Beethoven Bust --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

It is only recently that I have started to discover the great composer Ludwig van Beethoven and his immortal music. I became very fascinated by his music, mainly by his 9th and last Symphony and the 4th movement “Ode to Joy”. I still have to discover much of the rest of this vast musical universe. In this and the next Blog I am trying to give a short insight into the life and work of this great “general of music” as a great admirer once named him.

Here is a comment about the Ninth Symphony by Leonard Bernstein one of the greatest conductor’s of the 20th century.

“In this Ninth Symphony, in the finale, the music goes far beyond the [Schiller’s] poem, it gives far greater dimension and vital energy and artistic sparks to these quaint old lines of Schiller. This music succeeds, even with those people for whom organized religion fails. Because it displays a spirit of Godhead and sublimity in the freest and least doctrinaire way. It has a purity and directness of communication that never becomes banal. It’s accessible without being ordinary. This is the magic that no amount of talk can explain.”

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Beethoven Hall New York

“[P]erhaps there was in Beethoven the man, a child inside that never grew up, that to the end of his life remained a creature of grace, innocence and trust, even in his moments of greatest despair. And that innocent spirit speaks to us of hope and future and immortality. And it’s for that reason that we love his music now, more than ever before. In this time of world agony, we love his music and we need it. As despairing as we may be, we cannot listen to this Ninth Symphony without emerging from it changed, enriched, encouraged. And to the man who could give to the world so precious a gift as this, no honor could be too great, and no celebration joyful enough. It’s almost like celebrating the birthday of music itself.



Beethoven, Beethoven, Beethoven!
God’s own Music-flowers
In your heart’s Eden.
(Song written in honor of Ludwig van Beethoven)
Sri Chinmoy, Four Summit-Height-Melodies, Agni Press, 1995
December 24th, 1978

On Friday, June 26th at 7.30pm, Panorama will host a special program about Beethoven, entitled “The Music of the Beyond.”

Starting from 6.30pm Panorama will serve one of Beethoven’s favorite dishes which was Pasta and Italian cheese. It will be accompanied by a mixed salad.


As a second part in the approach to the “Music of the Beyond”, Panorama will offer a program on Sri Chinmoy’s Music in July (exact date will be announced).

Please click here for biographical notes on Ludwig van Beethoven (from Wikipedia)



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