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Silence and Sound – a fascinating music journey!



A life on tour
Since the year 2000 Rageshri (Keyboards) and Kushali (Violin), the two musicians that form Silence and Sound, have offered almost 1000 concerts all over the world. For many years they gave more than 100 concerts a year and were practically non-stop on tour. The concert at Panorama this Friday will be their 977th concert. They have produced 5CD’s so far and are dreaming of their next one.

Ahead of their Live Concert at Panorama this coming Friday, April 24th, I had the chance to ask them a few questions about music, meditation, life and food. Here are excerpts from their answers:

About Music
Kushali: “Music is my life. Music is a way to find truth. Many life questions can be solved by playing music…”
Rageshri: “Through music I can get in touch with my soul. My spiritual name that I received from my teacher Sri Chinmoy is also linked to music, The Beauty and the Fragrance of the Soul-Melody in the Aspiration-Heart in boundless measure…, Music helps me to feel the beauty of life, it can be like a bouquet of beautiful flowers or a sweet piece of cake.”

About Meditation
Kushali:“Meditation is spreading like music. Music brings to the fore deeper experiences from meditation.”
Rageshri:“Meditation for me is the inner dimension of life, it is the nutrition that feeds the deeper part of my self.”

About Cooking
Rageshri is a passionate and excellent cook…
“Music and Cooking have many similarities. When I cook I try to offer something of myself, of my soul, offer my good feelings into the food. This helps to make the dish more beautiful, nutritious and delicious and the food is transformed. In a sense cooking is like composing, both are deeply creative.”

About running in the 6 day race
Both Rageshri and Kushali have participated for many, many years in the annual 6 or 10 day Multiday races in Flushing Meadow. Participants run as many miles as possible within 6 or 10 days. These are feats of extreme endurance and transcendence.
Rageshri: “While touring permanently you pick up a lot of energies and vibrations from your surroundings. These long races are like a cleaning session for the whole being from inside out. You also develop many qualities that are helpful in everyday life and therefore help for the life on tour.
Kushali: “Through the running we also get inspirations for arrangements that we use then on tour.”

About Panorama:
Rageshri:“For me, Panorama is like an ocean, deep, full of fulfilling inner peace, but at the same time also outer intensity. I feel a flow of life, colorful and much kindness and harmony.”
Kushali: “For me, Panorama is a place where the Supreme and the Supreme in man is served.”

About their dreams:
Rageshri:”My first dream is that there will be peace in my country(Ukraine). I also dream that one day we have an enterprise like Panorama in our country.”
Kushali:” My dream is to spread our teacher’s message and vision through music. I hope that in this way the essence of his message can be felt.”

Music samples of Silence & Sound
Music sample 1
Music sample 2

This concert is one of very few on the American continent and is a rare opportunity to dive into the sound universe of Silence & Sound.

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Kristin Hoffmann live at Panorama

Kristin.Favorite Meal

Kristin & Premik

There was not one free seat left when Kristin Hoffmann started her concert at Panorama last Friday. Then Kristin (accompanied masterfully by the great Premik Russel Tubbs) started her journey and took the listener to cosmic heights and at the same time into the intimacy of the heart. Her performance was quite simply overwhelming and I asked her partner Troy in the break if the experience is always like that. He replied that the environment of Panorama helped additionally but that she loves to play live and share her voice and feelings with the spectators.


This may also explain why some of the listeners at Panorama travelled for hours all the way from Baltimore to see her  on stage. Kristin Hoffman’s voice is extremely haunting and can put a spell on you!

You can find all the latest details on her records and live performances here.

We served one of Kristin Hoffmann’s favorite dishes before the concert: a vegetable-cashew-coconut curry with quinoa! Delish!

Kristin.Favorite Meal

Here are the ingredients (in the tradition of the Zen cuisine I do not indicate precise amounts for the ingredients and rather let you use your intuition and take into consideration the ingredients you have available):

Carrots, diced
Zucchini, diced
Red peppers, diced
Broccoli CrownsTofu, in cubes or fine slices
Cashed, roasted and salted
Coconut Milk
Thai Curry Paste, or Curry powder


Heat the Coconut Milk. Add the carrots. Cook for a few minutes, then add the red peppers, zucchini. Towards the end add the broccoli crown. Add salt and curry paste or powder to taste.In a separate pan saute the Tofu for a few minutes with little oil, then add a good amount of soy sauce and a little curry powder. Stir well and let stand for a moment. Add to the vegetable-curry.
In a separate pan cook the quinoa (ratio Quinoa-water is 1:2).
Bon appetit!

This week a student of St. Johns University in Queens wrote a Blog Post about Panorama Cafe.
Here is the link to it. Enjoy reading!

Kristin Hoffmann
Premik Russel Tubbs
The Tassajara Cookbook

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“President Thomas Jefferson” at the Oneness-Fountain-Heart

Thomas Jefferson

A fascinating presentation with Nripal Eric Petersen who came as “President Thomas Jefferson”, took place at the Oneness-Fountain-Heart last Sunday. Please read everything about the inspirational event here.

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Lotus-Seat and Garden-Sprouts

Salad details

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From Moscow with Love

Avocado Salad

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New Blog: The Food-Perfection-Journey


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